Recommendations for the review content

The whole process of peer review proceeds through the electronic system, in which the reviewer needs to register. Reviewing in the journal is “ double-blind”.

Reviewing in the Resource-Efficient technologies is carried out on a voluntary basis. If you wish to become a reviewer in our journal, please register.

The review must contain the objective expert analysis of the manuscript, its reasoned estimation and sound recommendations.

The special attention should be paid to the following issues:

-correspondence of the manuscript to the Journal subject, general analysis of scientific level, terms, manuscript structure, relevance of the topic;

-scientific and practical novelty and significance of the material, scientific character of presentation, correspondence of the techniques, methods, recommendation and results of the research used by the author to the current achievements of science and practice;

-quality of material preparation and execution, language and style of the article, correspondence to the material execution requirements, length of a paper and volume of its elements (text, tables, figures, references), deficiencies and errors made by the author.

The reviewer can recommend the author and the editorial body to improve the paper.

The reviewer comments and requests must be objective and fundamental. They should increase scientific and methodological levels of the paper.

The final part of the review should contain the valid conclusions on the paper and clear recommendation for the paper publication.

The reviewer must prove his/her conclusions in the case of a negative review.