No 3 (2017): Resource-Efficient Technologies

Sorption characteristics of economically viable silicate sorbents for sequestration of lead ions from aqueous solutions

The adsorption of Pb 2 + from aqueous solutions by sorbents based on calcium silicates, obtained in multi- component systems CaCl 2 –Na 2 SiO 3 –H 2 O (sorbent I) and CaSO 4 ·2H 2 O–SiO 2 ·nH 2 O–KOH–H 2 O (sorbent II), was studied. Surface area of the two sorbents was found to be 100 and 40 m 2 /g respectively. The sorption capacities of the adsorbent materials were found to be 3.6 l/mmol and 8.4 l/mmol respectively. Character- ization of the sorbent materials was carried out. The equilibrium data was fitted in Langmuir’s isotherm and the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent materials was determined. The distribution coefficients at Pb 2 + ions for the sorbents were determined at different ratios of solid and liquid phases.


Adsorption, Lead, Aqueous solutions, Calcium silicates


Yogesh Chandra Sharma

Alexandr Perfilev

Pavel Gordienko

Ramya Krishna Battula

Sofya Yarusova

Yulia Azarova

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