Resource-Efficient Technologies is an international journal that publishes research and review articles, short communications, commentaries, and book reviews in the ever broadening field of sustainable and resource-efficient technologies, which reduce energy and materials consumption, reduce or completely eliminate toxic waste, develop closed-loop recycling technologies with the purpose of sustainable, economically efficient and socially responsible use of all natural resources and man-made products. The coverage of the journal includes the following topics:


Alternative and sustainable energy

  • Solar
    • Wind
    • Biofuels
    • Carbon-neutral fuels
    • Geothermal


Green and environmental chemistry

  • Inorganic chemistry
    • Organic chemistry
    • Biochemistry and biotechnology
    • Physical and analytical chemistry
    • Chemical engineering


Novel functional materials and materials efficiency

  • Inorganic materials 
    • Organic materials
    • Biomaterials
    • Polymers
    • Hybrid materials
    • Surfaces and interfaces


Efficient use of natural resources

  • Soil and subsoil
    • Minerals
    • Fossil fuels
    • Water
    • Air


Waste processing and recycling technologies

  • Materials recovery
    • Energy recovery
    • Biological reprocessing
    • Pyrolysis
    • Toxic waste storage and degradation